TaxiMe - Taxi estimation across North America

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    Rate, traffic, time of day, weather.
    All considered when estimating.

    When you're catching a taxi, it isn't enough to just give an estimate based on distance travelled. There are other factors to take into consideration when giving an estimate, such as traffic, stop times and weather.

    TaxiMe uses a complex set of algorithms to determine how much your taxi ride will cost.

    Search by address,
    business name or landmark

    TaxiMe is smart. If you don’t know the address of where you’re going, TaxiMe allows you to search by address, business name or landmarks.

    Don’t worry about spelling, we’ll correct that :)

    Supports taxi rates for several cities in North America.

    TaxiMe currently keeps up-to-date taxi rates for major cities across North America.

    We have a running list of cities that we have the rates for. If you would like to be added to the list, just drop us a line.

    Did you know that if TaxiMe doesn't have the rate for your city, it will use the rate of the closest city within your region? Smart, right?

    Instant taxi directory, wherever you are.

    Whether you're in a city or town, simply tap on the cab icon on the top right of the app to get a list of taxi companies in your area. Phone them with a tap of a button.